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Nine's Path PleiadianGnosis
It is your connection to the divine that we speak of here, and that is always part of your experience, whether you are aware of that or not. To know what you want to know, simply become aware of your own connection to divinity. Allow yourself to pay attention. Gnosis will follow.

Reality Creation
Knowledge and ignorance end with the awareness of Nine, so the definition must be experienced and understood rather than learned, captured in neural patternings. It is from the awareness of Nine that consciousness takes form, that thoughtwaves impulse frequency signatures to coalesce into form, that reality is created. Nine is everywhere within the creation of reality, interacting with other weaves and numbers to bring into being a dynamic expression of experience.

Fractalline Awareness
In the spiral of ascension are countless deviations from the straight mathematically predictable stepwise progression, at least on the big-picture level. The same can be said of the spiraling rhythms of evolution, and this too is true, on the big picture level. They are one and the same, in truth. What may seem like random acts leading to the awakening of awareness is actually the perfectly organised progress of the holographic fractal-like expression of the truth of I AM in the position of a variable in a logarithm of choice and probability, unfolding in concert with a multidimensional array of inter-related, interactive root soul singularities of experience, both on the individual level and within the cosmic understanding.

As the individual makes choices that affect future learning patterns and thus mold through experience the physical expression of the self in a date-specific moment in time, so it is with the physical expression of an entire planet-wide — and even, if you could project your ability to comprehend holographically beyond what you have been taught, galaxy-wide — family of humanity. There is little difference between the two understandings if you truly understand them.

OM, I AM, and the Nine Numbers
OM does not rely on a pocket calculator to determine the nature of Nature, but creates according to the knowingness of I AM. All that is is because I AM exists in everything and is in the essence of everything as divinity itself. I AM is what makes water wet, what makes joy happy, what makes home. I AM is how OM is known.

I AM my self alone is a statement of the function of One. A statement of the function of Two would be I AM someone in relation to other than my self. A statement of the function of Three would be I AM of a derivative. Of Four, I AM part of. Of Five, I AM engaged with reality in a particular form. Of Six, I AM in search of Source. Of Seven, I AM within framework of understanding. Of Eight, I AM united with other. Of Nine, I AM.


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Nine's Path Pleiadian

and in the book Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity.opalescence-3d



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