As a number of creation, Nine threads through all aspects of life. Neither an entity nor a group consciousness, rather Nine is an intelligence and creative force of the universal reality. Awareness of Nine raises experiences to their highest, most transformative potential, and gives an individual a direct connection with the inner divine mind.

Tarot performs with grace as a tool for opening communication with this aspect of the divine. It gives a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) voice to the subconscious, triggering awareness of patterns lurking within the psyche, revealing them for recognition, healing, and integration. With Nine as the current flowing through these readings, Tarot speaks not only to the individual, but to a world ready for change.

Read on for a deeper understanding of the Science of Nine.


(The following is a condensed form of material you can find on the Nine’s Path website. Truly, the esoteric and mathematical study of Nine is ancient and deep. The Science of Nine presents a refinement of that from a new perspective.)

9glowLDThe knowledge of Nine is the knowledge of divinity, of mystery, of truth. It is truly a divine mystery, you could say. The unraveling of it is the grandest pursuit and the most rewarding. It is the knowledge which begins and ends understanding and which takes understanding beyond itself so that it becomes something else altogether. Nine is consciousness; it is the basis of manifest form as an expression of Self. Nine is itself without form in manifestation, yet is within the essence of all form.

OM is the source of everything. From there originate all universes. The harmonic structure of the fabric of all reality is in accord with the essential truths of OM, which are simple, elegant, and marked by the frequency of Nine. That is, they have at their core a common understanding of being as expressed in the simplest of terms as a numerical knowledge base upon which can be built any system of reality-construct imaginable. Nine as is commonly understood on the basis of arithmetic has some peculiar properties. Numerologically, too, it is of interest for its particular meanings. As an integer, it is the highest of singular expressions, and as the code of divinity it is full of elegance and sublime mystery. These are the commonly known aspects of Nine.

There is only one slight difference between seeking the constant awareness of Nine and maintaining it, and it is simply a matter of making the intention into a reality. Thus it is in all things. Before a thing was a thing, it was a consideration, an intention, a thought. The shift from the state of thought to the state of mass-measurable thing is no less than a shift in the thinker of the thought from a being which considers itself to be merely the construct of some other being’s thinking to the awareness of self divine.

Times have changed and so has the ability of mere mortals to taste of the divine. It is a nectar that awaits discovery within every molecule of your being. Recognize it as such and you will experience transfiguration. Knowledge of your self as the embodiment of the thought of the divine I AM leads beyond bliss, past ecstasy, to the very threshold of the divine source itself. This is living in awareness of Nine.

When a being in the state of awareness of Nine thinks a thought, the cycle of creation begins anew. From the awareness of the thought through the voicing of it to another, through the process of taking form and learning how to express its essence, how to be, how to say, “I AM” — a thought becomes manifest. Before you know it, you have for good or for ill created something. There are countless ways such thinking can end up, and what determines the outcome most directly is your awareness as the originating thinker.

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