Remembrance: Messages for Preparing for Contact

Are you ready for contact?

What would happen if people from off-planet came out of hiding?

How would you feel if you heard there are beings among us who come from other planets, who are here to give us a hand with the task of integrating the collective soul of humanity? Are you prepared for that eventuality?

The individual pieces of this book were for the most part channeled through the year 2008, when a lot was happening in the consciousness of sleepers awakening and leaders emerging. They appeared weekly on the blog Opalescent Words. This book, today, is a synthesis of the core of those messages with all-new material and sequencing to bear a new communication.

The original messages said much to many, and this new edition speaks even more fluently to the heart of humankind.

6×9″ paperback, 204 pages
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Remembrance: Messages for Preparing for Contact

Introduction to the New Edition

Foreword: A Moment of Your Time

A Note on Nine

A Note on Amanda R. Ryan


Sometime Soon It Will Be Apparent that You Are Not Alone in the Universe

1/ Space Brothers and Aliens

2/ Coming Soon to a Planet Near You

3/ We Come in Peace


No One Says Bad Things about Love Anymore

4/ Love Is All There Is

5/ Changing the Paradigm of What Love Is

6/ No Name Nemesis: Nine’s Secret Agent


It Is Time to Wake Up Now

7/ One More Reason to Tell What Time It Is

8/ Sooner or Later, You Have to Get Up

9/ When Will the Condolences End about the Death of Nemesis?



“A piece of heaven… It is a must read for all of those who are interested in the theories about ET humans and reptilians. I would recommend it even to those who don’t believe in them because the philosophy described inside appears to me to be divine. This is also true for Maryann’s other book (Opalescence).” – Ivailo D.

“Excellent relevant information for spiritual advancement… This book is a delight to read and is entertaining while uplifting and explaining ways to raise your vibration and let go of fear. I highly recommend this book to all!” – Kaydee, VineVoice (

“Speaks straight to the heart!” – E., review