Opening to a Temporal Shift: Pleiadian Tarot for week of July 5

Four of Swords (reversed) — The World — The Lovers

Summary: Although the present moment may feel like dormancy and inaction, the fact is that you are in the process of preparation for a massive and intrinsic change. Keep your inner balance, and know that the moment for shifting is going to happen without effort, but with a grand and brilliant step forward into the new moment before you. When it arrives, pay attention to the inner promptings that arise in your awareness, and move with loving intent among those around you who may yet be processing the grief, regret, and shock that has been witnessed with new eyes.

Foundation: Four of Swords (reversed)

Deep into the underworld of human experience have we gone, stealthily marking a path through the shadows of psyche and society. Lifetime after lifetime, the soul dives into the berserk and the dark, the violent and the engorged-with-greed chaos of life on a world in the outer limits of what the human mind can process without losing itself to grief. Lost to hope we are not, evidenced by the brave knight in the stony silence of suspended animation. Death has not won his soul, nor has he lost his awareness of his nobility, nor his peace. While he seems to be hovering in a topsy-turvy temple of stone, you are asked to consider that his facade is about to release a transformed creature. Cocooned he may be, but the time of his emergence is at hand. Beneath all that you are experiencing at this time, remember that you are in transformation, and that the finishing touches are taking place within. Rest, and prepare, for change is at hand.

Lodestone: The World

As a human, you are entwined with a fabric of creation that encompasses the kingdoms of nature. Within you, you can recognize totems of animal essential that give voice to the deeper parts of your spirit. Now, embrace all that you are, and open if you need to your dance of life to incorporate the innate wisdom of what the ancients call the anima mundi. In finding your movement in step with this force, you will lift your understanding of the power you hold within and be better able to express it in ways that bring balance and order to the cosmic environment that reveals itself more by the day. Know that you are supported by the living mind of nature, and prepare to move forward as the dance urges you on. Shine your light, and move with grace.

Most OMward Direction: The Lovers

What words are whispered to the open heart are the seeds of a world already held in potential. Within the nurturing hands that communicate love from one to another are worlds brought into being and kept alive by direct interaction. What seeds have you received from the words whispered from your soul, and what loving embrace have the hopeless masses received from the understanding of your heart? You possess the potential for great fields of flowers to rise up where lost hope has watched death and regret leave empty memories. Take heart from what you receive in whatever moment of remembrance you have to hear, and watch with anticipation, in the equipoise of the heart, seeds take root and blossom.

About Maryann Rada and Pleiadian Tarot: Transmitting through the lens of Nine, from the Pleiadians of the League of Light and the family of channeled communications that makes up the core of the site Opalescent Nine, comes this week’s insight. New insights for the world and for individuals are posted here every week, so be sure to check back regularly to see the next step in collective evolution that the Pleaidians have clues for. For those who don’t yet know my work, I’ve been posting transmissions for the last decade from the League of Light, and am currently preparing my fifth book for publication. These tarot-themed insights are the latest iteration of their service to awakening humanity. For more insights, visit the links at the Nine’s Path website, and stay connected to this vital, vibrant, and very personable line of sentience.



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